Somehow, week after week, I manage to make the same mistake. As I arrive with my boyfriend at about 7:45 – 15 minutes before the start which he always complains is “too early” my heart starts thumping and I realise that I haven’t ran since the last time my heart was thumping in my car in Greenpoint. Each time I tell myself that all I want to do is not stop running until I have passed the finish line – even if my run is slower than other peoples walk. What made today particularly challenging is that I forgot my iPod at home. So there I was listening to my heavy panting and thumping feet (as well as others) for the whole duration of the run.

The way I am writing about this run probably has you thinking I am running kilometers upon kilometers. I am so embarrassed to write that it is only a 5Km run with barely any hills.

Anyways, hopefully I will do something about it this week… although its pretty unlikely.

I got this outfit about two weeks ago with Casey. I always tell her not to let me near clothing stores because we both know I will buy it if we think it looks good. She spotted these jeans on the sale counter and made me try them on. I am not usually a fan of loose jeans but they felt so comfy and didn’t look half bad so we landed at the conclusion that I had to get them. As I walked towards the counter to pay for jeans that I really shouldn’t have been buying (no regrets), I noticed these awesome phone covers. I can’t eat gluten which means I also have to avoid fried foods from restaurants as there’s a high chance there will be gluten in the oil because of previously cooked foods. So now I get to have my very own fries wherever I go.

Check out my Cotton On look:


Want this look?

Top: Cotton On
Jeans: Cotton On
Shoes: Vans
Choker: Woolworths
Cellphone cover: Cotton On

Mac Warm Eyeshadow Pallet
Foundation:Estée Lauder
Concealer: Mac
Bronzer: Mac Bronze Shine
Beauty Blender
Lipstick: Mac ‘Redd’
Mascara:Estée Lauder

Photography: Casey Rautenbach
Make-up: Casey Rautenbach

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