I went to Trenchtown in Obs on the 25th of January for their Summer thrift hall and I loved it!

It was so hysterical. Casey and I arrived at 4 – exactly when it was starting. There we are worrying that we are the only people at this place so I tell her to pretend like we are waiting for other people to come and join us. Eventually, we see two girls arrive and notice them go through a doorway.

As we followed through – after paying our R20 entrance fee – we were greeted by hordes of people all sifting through clothing available. We instantly noticed things we liked and it was extremely tempting to buy because items would cost anywhere between R40-R400. We landed up spending an hour and a half there. The people were all so friendly and trusting of everyone – they would let you take the item away to try on and trust that you would come back and pay if you decided you wanted it.

At one point I went into one of the makeshift change rooms to try on somethings and by the time I came out – the amount of people in the room had doubled. It just shows that people are supporting the trend of reusing. I loved the experience at Trenchtown and can’t wait for the next one!

Check out my look to see one of the jackets I got while there…


Get this look:

Jacket: 2nd Hand – Tenchtown
Skirt: Mr Price
Crop Top: Woolworths
Shoes: Top Shop

Glasses: Ray Ban

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