Yes, we pretty much lived off rice for 3 weeks – but let me tell you, they were probably some of the best weeks of our lives.

The Indonesian island of Java is the most densely populated region on Earth and trust me – you have and will never see more people on top and in one car or packed onto a tiny scooter anywhere else in the world – at least I hope not. The roads are overflowing with people – lanes are barely used and sidewalks are non-existent – those are just considered to be more space to drive.

Last year, my boyfriend and I went to Indonesia. We did a pre-planned trip through G Adventures. This was great because it took all the stress of planning everything in an extremely culturally different country away and left us to take everything in.

We Started in Java and ended on Gili Air – an island across from Lombok. The highlights for myself would have to be: hiking to the top of the (literally) breathtaking Mount Bromo, hiking at 2am in the morning into Ijen, surfing for the first time at Red Island, seeing the biggest tea plantation I have ever seen – Lipton is made there – and going for my first dive in Gili (I got to see a turtle!). To be honest, everything was amazing… except for the markets – Cambodia and Vietnam are the places to be for those.

One does not go to Indonesia to eat or shop – one goes there to see the breathtaking landscapes and to meet some of the friendliest people in the world. The experience was incredibly humbling and has made me extremely grateful for the life I live.

Check out the video of our trip:

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