cape town storm.

(If you don’t wanna read all by babble… skip to the bottom to find out where you can get this look…)

Living where I live, usually has winds that break doors, mess up good hair and has the potential to give you flight and you would think that with school and Uni being cancelled because of the weather there was going to be major things happening.


here I was… bored at home… with no more wind on an average day.

I did see people’s snapchats and photos were sent to me on WhatApp of how intense and scary it was in Camps Bay and Seapoint – and I am sure at many other places.

I hope everyone is safe and that the rain has helped out dams.

Apparently we would need 4 years of non-stop rain in order to fill our dams.


These are some of my favourite sunnies – they’re vintage. They have a slight tortoise shell rim which I love.


I made these heels with my old black slip ons… just put a sock over the shoe and cut a hole where the heel goes through. Then you just need to stick on a non-slip shoe cover for the base of your foot. And voila!


This jacket is my mums old work blazer. I love the colour and without the shoulder pads it’s super comfy ūüėČ


Top:¬†HMD (Hand-me-down) ¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Jeans:¬†Mr Price¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Shoes: Woolworths ‚Äď DIY with socks ‚Äď Kanye West inspired ¬† | ¬† ¬†Jacket: HMD (Truworths)¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Glasses: HMD (Hand-me-down)

Foundation: Mac¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Concealer: Est√©e Lauder¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Bronzer: Mac Bronze Shine¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Eyeshadow: Victoria Jackson ‚Äď Beauty to Go¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Mascara: Max Factor ‚Äď False Lash Effect¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Eyeliner: Mechanical Eye Pencil ‚Äď Black/Noir¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†NYX ‚Äď Super Skinny Marker¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Lipstick: Revlon Colour-stay Overtime Rouge¬† ¬†| ¬† ¬†Beauty Blender


Photographer: Casey Rautenbach
Makeup: Casey Rautenbach

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