breaking out of the box.

In my last project for this semesters screen course, we had to make an experimental film. My group and I decided to make a film with the underlying theme of “reconnecting with nature” and moving from our “boxey” lives into spherical and free-flowing nature…

(if you don’t wanna read my babble… skip to the bottom to find out where you can get this look…)


With the number of ACTIVE mobile devices being roughly around 7.19 billion… it’s easy to forget about the outdoors. With city landscapes constantly growing – more and more does it become the norm to sleep in our square bed, eat from our square cereal box, drive in our ‘boxey’ car, to our indoor gym, get back in our ‘boxey’ car and head off to work, take the square elevator up to our square desk… until the end of the day where we go watch our square TV and get back into our square bed.

This film made me aware of this. I think at some point, everyone realises how glued we are to our phone, laptops and everyday routine lives. The sad part is that one day people won’t notice – because we are moving away from the outdoors. I want to challenge everyone to “reconnect with nature” and “break out of their box…”

This look is really fun. I love the blue fur – everyone will notice me from a mile away. I wore it over a very plain outfit – black stockings, high-waisted shorts and a grey strappy top. I wanted to the fur coat to be the main draw of attention.


I love this make-up look and the red lipstick complements the red shoes and blue coat. The high-knee socks add some warmth for Winter. It’s a super easy look to pull off and can be worn by anyone.


These yellow frames are probably my favorite part of the outfit. My mum has had them for years and they are finally coming back into fashion! Everywhere I go, there are not pink, green and blue frames. I love that everyone is getting more experimental – as I get older, and my friends get older, I realize how silly we were to care about what people thought of us in the first place.


Wear whatever the hell you like!



Top: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing    |    Shorts: Woolworths   |    Shoes: Woolworths   |    Fur Coat: Mr Price   |    Stockings: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing   |    Socks: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing   |    Glasses: HMD (Hand-me-down)

Foundation: Mac   |    Concealer: Estée Lauder   |    Bronzer: Mac Bronze Shine   |    Eyeshadow: Victoria Jackson – Beauty to Go   |    Mascara: Max Factor – False Lash Effect   |    Eyeliner: Mechanical Eye Pencil – Black/Noir   |    NYX – Super Skinny Marker   |    Lipstick: Mac – Redd   |    Beauty Blender

Photographer and Make-Up Artist: Casey Rautenbach



Photographer: Casey Rautenbach

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