When visiting Woodstock it’s near impossible to imagine that it was once a beach.Of course, that was a long while ago – mid 19th-century to be exact. Since the land-reclamation, Woodstock has become increasingly industrialised. Now, it is a developing community that is home to many beautiful street artworks. Sadly, many artworks have been destroyed, and artists aren’t allowed to display their works throughout the streets because of the city laws.

(Find out below where you can get this look!)


We headed into Woodstock to find some artworks that would compliment my outfit. This particular artwork seems to have been created by Jack Fox – formerly known as Cashril Plus – the son of Faith47 and Tyler B Murphy who are also artists. He has been an artist for years on end and is known for his comic book art, street art and music production.

Read about Jack Fox here!


Of course, I felt the black and white artwork would go well with a pop of colour. I am obsessed with these jeans – they have a snake with a flowers head on them! The ripped part (#rippedjeanobsessionoverhere) is placed at an appropriate spot (You only have to lift the one knee so as to avoid ripping – I feel by now we can all admit that with ripped jeans comes some struggles. i.e. cold knees, comments from the elder generations about the jeans being old/worn-out/any-other-comment-they-find-funny-but-we-do-not or just funny looks from those anti the ‘ripped-jean-movement’). They also have rough cut ends – so you can roll them up for neater look or leave them with an edgy end.

I rolled the left leg.


These sunnies are super light and definitely are a pair that everyone should have in their closet (if that’s where you keep your sunnies?) What can I say? I love me some D&G.


Let me know what you think. Hope you all have an amazing Monday! xx

Top: Cotton On    |    Jeans: Cotton On    |    Boots: Aldo (Superbalist)    |    Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana (Luxottica)

Lipstick: Sephora Rouge Cream Lip Stain

Photographer: Casey Rautenbach

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