bokeh fashion film festival (press release).


Yesterday, I attended the official press release for the Bokeh Film Festival which will be taking place next year, in April. The afternoon filled us with – never-ending – food that looked so delicious, you almost felt bad eating it.


As you entered, you filled in a business card with the hopes of winning an incredible prize – a fully paid trip for a cruise to… somewhere?… but a cruise nonetheless! Clearly, this proves that I was, unfortunately, not the winner.

The prize, a huge box full of Carol Boyes goodies, for the best dressed went to Tracy-Lee Rosslind for her red ensamble that stole the show.


The designer, Hendrick Vermeulen’s, breathtaking work was on display and the host of the event, Susana Kennedy wore one of his beautiful creations.

The music was playing and the drinks were flowing, with people from all kinds of creative backgrounds coming together and getting to know one another.


When choosing what to wear, I decided to go for a bit of old with new. I wore my mothers old high waisted flare pants with a sheer polar neck and lace bralette. The star of my outfit were my shoes – with many people complementing and asking where they could get them. The mission to get them at Zara was definitely worth it.


My ripped, floral, denim jacket was also a hit and fit perfectly with the high-waisted pants.


While there, I made two new gorgeous friends, Stacy and Naeelah.


If you want to get my look:

Top: Zara    |    Lace Bralette: H&M    |    Jacket: Zara    |    Shoes: Zara

Lipstick: Kylie Jenner Cosmetics in Boujee 

A special thanks to 3D Model Agency for my invite!



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