floral is back.

“Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking.” Miranda Priestly’s editorial staff was put in their place in The Devil Wears Prada but over time the world has come to disagree as floral and fauna seem to attack the runway.

Every major brand – from Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana – has seemingly taken the “hippy’s” windowsill cacti collection, and pasted it onto every possible kind of material – and I love it.

(If you don’t wanna read my babble… skip to the bottom to find out where you can get this look!)


Floral fabric originated in Asia – where flowers play a large role in their culture. The first traders then brought through silks with exotic floral patterns printed on them to Europe. These materials were sold at a very high price to the Europeans that, when worn, became a symbol of wealth. The middle ages and the 16th century brought with it floral lace which was worn by ladies and gentlemen. Lace was created in order to make fabrics appear more elaborate and interesting rather than plain. It was created by with many types of fabric – including linen as well as heavier material.


It’s over 50 years since the ‘flower power’ 60’s and now floral is making it’s comeback with a bang. The Spring/Summer catwalk of 2017 saw bouquets gliding down the runway of Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Antonio Marras, Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera, Miu Miu, Gucci and Victoria Beckham – to name a few.

This floral top I am wearing is from Zara. The length is perfect! I love it when tops end right above the hip – I find it to be the most flattering for the female body shape. I paired it with some mid-rise ripped shorts and some orange vintage frames.

Bright colours are in.


I am loving my Kylie Lip Kits. My favourite aspect would be: being able to take a sip of water or coffee and not leave a lipstick stain on the glass. It has definitely encouraged me to start experimenting with other brands and keep my eyes pealed for liquid lipsticks as I am officially a major fan.


Let me know what you think! xx

Top: Zara    |    Shorts: Zara    |    Glasses: Vintage    |    Shoes: Puma Suede 

Lipstick: Boujee (Kylie Lip Kit)

Photographer: Casey Rautenbach



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