heels on heels on heels.

We love the way they look and the way they make us feel… high heels are equally as wonderful as they are painful. As many of us know by now, men were the first to rock these ‘height-enhancing’ items… although, back then, it wasn’t for increasing height.

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filters b&W and pop of colour

Heels were first made in two pieces. During the 1500’s, a moveable upper was attached to a fixed sole. Eventually the heels became a part of the shoe and was known as the ‘rider’s heel.’ The heel was between 2.5cm – 3.8cm (1-1,5 Inches) high, and it prevented riders from slipping out of their stirrups.


Over time, these heels slowly became fashionable and were redesigned for both male and female fashion. Eventually, the heels became slimmer and different designs were filling up fashion houses.


The heel first ‘rose’ in 1533 – the year that saw the first heel that was designed to lengthen the legs of a woman. Catherine de Medici, who was engaged to the Duke of Orleans at age 14, was known for making them even more popular and fashionable during this time. The Duke, who became the King of France was much larger and taller than the petite Catherine de Medici. This made her feel insignificant – especially as she knew she had to compete against Diane de Poitiers for his attention, as she was his favourite mistress and much taller than her.


The French Queen ‘to be’ started wearing 5cm (2 inch) high heels that made her taller, and gave her a sexy sway of the hips. These heels were a huge success and slowly became a symbol of wealth and privilege.


By 1950, heels were fashionable for both men and women. A person who was of high authority or wealthy was often referred to as ‘well-heeled.’


I absolutely adore this look! I always struggle to find a way to wear this length skirt – I find it makes my legs look funny – and I finally decided to try it with my orange heels and this amazingly orange top I got from Zara.


I think this look is so fun! I love the pop of colour against the black skirt and the monochrome wall. (This wall is in Upper Woodstock)


This is my favourite lipstick from the Kylie Lip Kits I ordered. It’s called ‘Boujee’ and is the perfect shade for this statement look.


Let me know what you think! xx

Top: Zara    |    Skirt: Woolworths    |    Heels: Sissy Boy    |    Hat: Accessorize

Lipstick: Boujee (Kylie Lip Kit)    |    Mascara: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

Photographer: Casey Rautenbach


16 thoughts on “heels on heels on heels.

  1. “Over time, these heels slowly became fashionable and were redesigned for both male and female fashion.”

    It never occurred to me that heels were once a component of male fashion! But thinking back to old paintings, I definitely do remember now some of the duffs in heels. Thanks for teaching me something new!


  2. WAAAH love reading history about things! Thanks for sharing the history about heels. Who would have though it originated with men, I guess it makes sense with cowboy boots and all.

    Those orange heels are absolutely fab on you!

    Liked by 1 person

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