The Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden.


We did a tour of the spectacular Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden on Saturday.

The weather was perfect and everyone’s energy levels were so high – the poor ‘garden guide’ struggled to keep us all together. We decided to go with the approach of “whoever is here will hear what has to be said.” This worked perfectly as you had the choice to look around at the beautiful landscape without distracting anyone, or to follow along and listen to the background story. 

(Find out where you can get my look below!)

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Dylan Lewis is a Johannesburg-born artist, who studied at the Cape Technicon in Cape Town.

The garden was originally a farm that he moved to in 1993.

It was only eight years ago that he started making the farm into the beautiful sculpture garden that it is today. 

IMG_7588 2

The grounds were moulded by Lewis himself – he hired an excavator and started moulding the earth of the eight-hector garden.

The Stellenbosch Mountain forms the backdrop to the garden – making it appear even more expansive.

The shape of the land and the positioning of the sculptures throughout the garden explores the ‘untamed wilderness within the human psyche’ and as you walk along the pathway you can feel the attention to detail.

It is truly the perfect escape from your reality. 


There are over 60 sculptures that can be found throughout the garden – from cats and birds to sculptures that are inspired by the human form. 

The garden itself is full of fynbos which allows for beautiful year-round colour, and the large trees create shadows which add to the beautiful landscape. 

IMG_7667 2

After the tour, we ate a light lunch consisting of cheese, fruits, preserves, freshly baked bread and some champagne. We sat at a bench surrounded by the garden and drank cappuccino’s to end off the tour – the perfect way to start a weekend and celebrate a two birthday’s. 


I was told I look ‘Safari Chic’ and when we were given hats to roam around the garden – this definitely took it even further. 

IMG_7691 2IMG_7662IMG_7564IMG_7715

Let me know what you think and if you’ll be visiting the garden sometime soon!


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