SwiitchBeauty Review: Flicks on Fleek and #SlaysForDays.

Happy Thursday beautiful people!

Today I am going to be talking about a purely South African makeup brand: SwiitchBeauty. I have always seen SwiitchBeauty on Instagram and when I noticed that they have an eyeliner called “Flicks on Fleek” that has both a liquid pen and a wing stamp – I knew I had to test it out.


SwiitchBeauty is run by “a team of South African babes” and claim that their products are high quality, affordable, cruelty free “that actually do what they say they’re going to do.” The brand was first started because of the lack of affordable, high quality makeup products in South Africa.

On both of the products that I tested (Flicks on Fleek Eyeliner and the #SlaysForDays – Matte Edition Palette) they had some awesome little messages. On the back of my palette it says: “THE CONTENTS OF THIS CASE MAY CAUSE EXTREME SLAYAGE // USE AT OWN RISK.” I always love little details like this that make you smile. Who would want a product telling you to “Slay Everything?”

SwiitchBeauty is sold online and ships to all the provinces in South Africa.

Check out my review here:

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Flicks On Fleek (13 of 14)

Check out their website here: https://swiitchbeauty.com/

Cass xx

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