Franca Sozzani – A Name We Must Know.

Vogue Italia: A magazine that is known for its powerful imagery – that celebrates fashion and extends further as a form of art that often shocks it’s audience.

It is no wonder it is seen as the top fashion magazine in the world.

Vogue Italia only became Vogue Italia when Franca Sozzani was given the opportunity to change the way we (used to) look at fashion, forever.


In 1988, Franca Sozzani became the second ever editor-in-chief for the magazine. The 1988 July/August edition being her first publication. Throughout her 28 years of being editor-in-chief, Sozzani recreated the publication and built it up to be able to stand on its own.

In Franca: Chaos and Creation – the documentary her son made of her life – she said she hated her previous job: working for Vogue Bambini. Dressing up and photographing young children did not appeal to her. Her father was not supportive of what she was doing as she was expected to marry and have children. She did marry – but for only 3 months – and she did have a child – but he was not raised in the traditional or expected Italian way. When her son mentions that she never took him “to the park like other kids,” Sozzani responded: “I never took you to the park, period. Not even with a stroller. I even missed your school’s elementary graduation because I got back home the day after.” Her voice stern – with no sound of regret. Sozzani’s passion for her work stood proudly over family-life which was revolutionary for women across the globe.

This film is what inspired me to write this post as I feel many of us take for granted the effort and work behind creating a polished publication. The editor, in film, is seen as the invisible artist. I feel this applies to all editors: neatening up, recreating, and twisting the original work – often changing the outcome entirely.

Sozzani was known for taking risks and using her ‘fashion-art’ as a way of commenting on politics. In 2008, Sozzani created an all black issue – featuring only black models throughout the publication. This was at the time when Americans were considering electing their first black president. She changed the way people looked at fashion forever.


Sozzani died in 2016 at the age of 66 and left behind a legacy that will stand forever – not only in the name of fashion, but in the name of art.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! As I go along my journey of learning about the great influencers of fashion – I will be taking you all along with me, summarising and sharing my findings with you.

Cass xx

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