Two Bags are Better than One.

Mini bags are extremely popular at the moment – and despite their impracticality – they look fantastic. The problems arise once you want to fit more than a lipstick, half a cellphone and a few notes. Now there is a new (and hot) solution: Clear bags.

First came the mesh bags and now clear plastic ones are (and have been) on trend. Now you can display your designer bag through your ‘affordable’ clear one. Some attendees of Fashion Week carried $500 Céline PVC tote bags just so that they could be carrying two bags. Anny Choi, Market Editor of Vogue said: “I personally love the irony of a Burberry clutch in a Céline-logo plastic bag… It makes you stop and think for a second.” She says that one must forget the contents inside the bag are on display to the world and so items inside must be kept clean.

Brands are all following the trend “Staud’s quick sell-out Shirley tote, Chanel’s soon-to-be released holographic crossbody, and Céline’s cheeky transparent ‘Warning’ shopper…

I have discovered a Net and Vinyl clear bag from that I love! Click on the links to purchase them below:

Buy this net bag here.

Buy this Vinyl bag here.

What do you think of the trend?

Charlie xx



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