Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival 2018.

On the 3rd of May I attended the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival Media Launch. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen what it was like and what the event was all about. For those of you who missed it: this is for you.

Bokeh fff (4 of 24)Bokeh fff (20 of 24)

This year the Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival will be presented by Savanna Loco. The festival has evolved into the “most creative and inspiring Fashion Film Festival globally.” At the event we were shown videos that have been made in previous years and what I enjoyed most is that young creatives had the opportunity to socialise with people who have made it in the industry. The festival covers an entire host of topics – including fashion, art and film.

“The Bokeh SA International Lifestyle and Fashion Film Festival presented by Savanna Loco and Red Carpet Gala Awards will take place from the 20th to the 29th of September 2018 in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.”

Bokeh fff (21 of 24)Bokeh fff (23 of 24)Bokeh fff (24 of 24)Bokeh fff (22 of 24)

At the event, sparkling wine, coffee and snacks were served. Doll SA designs were on display.

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For the event, I decided to wear my Fabiani suit and Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear sesond collection sunnies – and I am so happy that I did! A photographer loved my outfit so much that he asked to take photos of me.

For my makeup: I used my @swiitchbeauty Slays for Days Palette with my @eylureofficial falsies to create this look 😁 also, my love affair with @nyxcosmetics_sa creme lipstick continues (shade: Abu Dhabi)!
I used my @maybelline brow mascara, my @rimmellondonsa @katemossagency bronzing palette as well as my @nyxcosmetics_sa highlighter to finish off the look! 💕
Wearing @fabianicollection suit with my @palmthebrand star mesh top 😁 went with my @accessorizesa hoops to finish it all off!

📸: @larryephotography 😁

I had such a wonderful time – meeting new people and socialising with other creatives. Thank you Bokeh!

Charlie xx



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