What do do if you forgot it’s Mothers Day!

Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday I was scrambling to find a spot for mothers day lunch and guess what… here we are once again stressing to find a place with space still available. I’m not worried though – even if we land up making waffles or pancakes for her in bed, buying her flowers and a good gift she’ll still be happy!

This post is for the disorganised families (like mine) who need a plan ASAP that will make their mother’s feel special on their special day.

We don’t have much time so let’s jump straight into possible plan ideas!

My first idea has to be a ‘Pinterest Style‘ Breakfast in Bed: rush off to the shops and buy any snacks or breakfast things that she enjoys and serve it on some kind of tray. Try and make it look as appealing as possible! Do things like put orange juice in champagne glasses and place excessive amounts of berries and nuts in bowls.


Apparently, macaroons for breakfast is a thing? Also yogurt in a mug looks fantastic. Just throw it on there!


Croissants are always a winner! Unless, she is gluten intolerant, you’re going to have to think of something else.


The next idea is a similar concept but involves one more hurdle: a picnic blanket and a good location for a picnic. This does, however, give you more time to get to the shops: especially if she is an early riser.


Flowers are ALWAYS a good idea. Never shy away from adding flowers into the mix!


The only other option would be to contact every restaurant in mind and beg for a spot. Having worked at a restaurant over Valentines Day, I know that often restaurants have tables available but will turn smaller groups away as they are waiting for the right amount of people to fit at a larger table. Granted, if it were our restaurant, we would do the same but if they ask you for how many people – they definitely have space. Desperate times call for desperate measures – so fight for those seats.

I hope this post helps all those stressed families and entertains those organised ones!

Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers and I hope all of your families make you feel extraordinarily special! You deserve it.

Charlie xx


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