Hotel Okura. Amsterdam.

My stay at the Hotel Okura was short but, boy was it sweet!

I had ridden up to Amsterdam to visit a friend – who happened to be staying at the hotel. We spent two nights at the hotel and visited Ciel Bleu for dinner on Saturday. This was, quite possibly, one of the best meals of my life. More on this here.

If you are looking for a hotel that has it all – the hotel Okura is for you.

As I arrived (still wearing all my motorbike gear) through the massive revolving door – it was as if I had been greeted with a breath of fresh air – and I had come from outside.)

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If you are interested in watching my vlog of Amsterdam (and a few other places) check it out here:

I patiently waited my turn as each of the hotel guests were assisted and once I had checked in and had my room key – I made my way to the eighth floor.

The lift took forever, but once I made it to the hotel room, I couldn’t have been happier.

We were staying in a ‘Superior Room’ which allowed for Free Wi-Fi, a Nespresso machine, Access to the health club as well as 24-hour room service.

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If you’re a foodie – this hotel is your dream come true! One two-Michelin-star restaurant, two one-Michelin-star restaurants, an international and breakfast restaurant, two bars (I would recommend the one on the 23rd floor for obvious reasons) and even a cookery studio. Here, you can book to “learn how to prepare your own Michelin star-worthy dishes during workshops inspired by Okura’s restaurants.”

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If you’re looking for a fitness centre, spa or swimming pool… Hotel Okura has you covered. I didn’t have any treatments, nor did I visit the gym but I did peep inside the night before I left. Had I had more time, I would have jumped at the opportunity to go to the Spa. Amsterdam is one busy city and if you need an escape – this is where I would recommend you go.

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My favourite part had to be the swimming pool. I am still getting used to not being near a beach and so this was the perfect place to cool off after a day spent exploring the city.

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If you are interested in staying at the Hotel Okura, check it out here.



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