New Year Calls for a New Look.

Let’s be honest – we all secretly (or not so secretly) make one of our New Years resolutions to work off those few inches we gained over the holidays. Personally, my few inches are made up of gammon, chocolate tart and a few too many mince pies.

I think there is no better motivation to work out than a new look for the gym, that hike up the mountain or jog along the promenade. I have linked below some of my favourite picks. Shop them for yourselves or use it as inspiration! Comment below what your new years resolutions are!

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High waisted leggings are an absolute MUST. They hold everything in place (especially now that we have a little extra to carry around) and a extremely flattering. They make your legs appear to end at your waist! Shop these ones here.


Nothing says ‘professional gym go-er’ like a matching sports bra. These ones are fantastic for yoga or hiking. Shop these sports bra’s here.

2004559-12-2 (1)

Who would have guessed that gym shorts are in? The trend is hot and we should all be taking full advantage of it this year! Head to gym and then pop a baggy T-shirt or jersey and you’ve gone from gym bunny to stylish shopper in a matter of seconds. Shop these ones here.

original (5)

Looking for a little more support? Look for sports bra’s that have a band that sits below your boobies. The extra material makes a world of difference. Shop these here.

original (1)original

Or this option over here.

original (3)original (2)

Not confident enough to rock a sports bra with no top? I’m there with you! Opt for gym tops with an open back so that you can still show off your pretty sports bras. It’ll keep you covered and confident but still share with the world your fabulous New Years treats. Shop these tops here.

Let me know what your resolutions are in the comments below.

Charlie xx


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