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For some reason Christmas in my household is still in full swing. Except now there’s no more tree and decorations and now that Easter is around the corner it’s turned from Christmas mince pies and leftover gammon to those incredibly addictive Lindt ball style eggs. If you haven’t had them – they are amaaaazing and totally worth the money. Although easy for me to say because it’s actually my parents money…. thanks mum and dad! hehe

Anyways, back to my point. Put simply: I need to do something about my terrible life choices over the past couple months. Just yesterday, I was in Zara with my mother and sister, and I told them that I refused to buy the mom-jeans in a larger size than the size that only just squeezes over my large bootay as that bootay shall be shrinking over the next few weeks, guaranteed. It’s not so much that I need to loose many kilos (one or two would be enough… okay okay maybe five) but I feel pretty sluggish and needed to kickstart my drive to be healthy again! I have the active part down (kinda) and now I need to eating habits to match.

Round 2 juice cleanse (1 of 8)

So on Thursday morning I collected my one-day ‘Activation Juice Cleanse’ from Orchard on Long. I chatted with the owner of the adorable little juice shop about the benefits and results she has seen from people doing juice cleanses. She told me that she first got into juicing after travelling around Hawaii. Juice bars upon juice bars line those streets and people spends days drinking (and eating) only freshly pressed juice. Apparently there’s a lady who comes into Orchard on Long every Monday to do a 3 day juice detox and she looks like a whole new person after a few months! Not only with weight-loss results but with clear skin and clear white eyes. (This deserves some kind of award.)

My juice detox was in full swing! I was ready to be cleansed.

Once home, I unpacked my juices and stocked my fridge. There were 6 juices that needed to be consumed two hours apart; the first one starting at 9am and the last at 7pm. I was also given a lemon to drink with some hot water in the morning and some camomile tea to end the day off.

Watch my YouTube video on this cleanse here:

I followed the juice cleanse as closely as I could with my busy schedule. By 3pm I had only managed two of the juices when I was meant to already be on the fourth. I therefore made the time between each juice about 1.5 hours and finished the day off with the Almond Milk drink.

The following day I felt amazing! My belly wasn’t bloated, I slept like a dream and was motivated to stick to healthier ways! Overall, the juices tasted great, my favourite being the Beetroot Buzz and the Impala. I think juicing is great for getting that motivation that we so often need. I think I would struggle with the five day cleanse as I have inherited the ‘hoover gene’ from my dad where I like to keep munching throughout the day. I’m not joking when I say my dad gets home and doesn’t even put his bag down before basically climbing into the kitchen cupboard in order to devour about 30 almonds, some leftover dried fruit and a handful of cereal – all in one bite.

If you’ve ever wanted to try a juice cleanse but have always been a bit too nervous – try the Activation Cleanse. It’s only one day, is full of delicious juices and surprisingly, I never felt hungry once! If anything, you feel like chewing, and as much as I love to snack it has forced me to take notice of my hoover tendencies. Orchard on Long has everything from one day to five day long cleanses. Ones without snacks and some with!

Round 2 juice cleanse (8 of 8)

Otherwise, if you’re ever in Cape Town go and get one of their juices just for a refreshing taste to add to your day!

If you’re interested in trying out a juice cleanse for yourself – click here.

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?

Charlie xx


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