Pancakes. Amsterdam.

Trust me when I say you NEED this. Forget the diet, the ‘summer body,’ the Kate Moss mantra and get your thicc ass over to PANCAKES Amsterdam.

Pancakes Amsterdam (6 of 12)

The restaurant is the perfect distance from Amsterdam Central – not too far a walk or cycle but far enough that you don’t feel like you are sitting at the station.

For breakfast, my brother and I decided we absolutely needed to try the pancake place we spotted yesterday. We noticed it because there was a queue of people going half way around the block waiting for their turn to enter the pancake heavens/try their amazing Dutch or American style pancakes.

Once we sat down and had a look at the menu (this usually happens in restaurants), I noticed a very dangerous drink: hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. I definitely should not be consuming this as my jeans are already sitting too tight – but today, my friends, I had on my stretchiest pants, which meant there was room for it all.

Pancakes Amsterdam (2 of 12)Pancakes Amsterdam (1 of 12)

We then contemplated what pancake’s to go for and, after a solid 10 minutes of deliberation, I chose number 9: a Dutch pancake with banana, almonds and chocolate sauce.


Pancakes Amsterdam (9 of 12)


Pancakes Amsterdam (8 of 12)


Pancakes Amsterdam (10 of 12)

It was amazing.

Plus, my dutch pancake was GLUTEN FREE!

My brother went for the American style pancakes with banana, bacon and maple syrup. His was equally as delicious.

We are currently considering going again for dinner tonight. Is pancakes twice in one day too much?

Help me.

Pancakes Amsterdam (7 of 12)

But seriously, what more could a girl want?

Pancakes Amsterdam (11 of 12)Pancakes Amsterdam (3 of 12)Pancakes Amsterdam (12 of 12)Pancakes Amsterdam (5 of 12)Pancakes Amsterdam (4 of 12)

Let me know if you have any restaurant suggestions for me in the comments below!


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