A Night to Remember: La Mouette Restaurant.

It was 6pm and, as per usual, we were running late.

I had decided that I didn’t care what people would think of me – I was getting dressed up. We were off to La Mouette, after all!

I threw on my Topshop jumpsuit that I wore to my matric dance afterparty (my mum says I should be proud that it still fits me – three years later) along with my pink waterfall coat that I bought online paired with my San Sebastian Cotton On Heels – of which I have 3 pairs all in different colours and my mother cough cough has six. Some would say we have shoe addictions and I bet her closet would prove that statement true. To end it off, I grabbed onto my Longchamp handbag that my mum bought for me – the perfect bag to carry my camera and still look stylish.

We were a few minutes late, fashionably so, and I got a few photos for Instagram at the entrance. There were pretty fairy lights wrapped around trees and the fountain could be heard trickling away. (Actually, I have no idea if I heard it considering there is a drought or if it was actually on…)


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We were seated upstairs and for some reason my dad didn’t want to sit at the head of the table (of course, my mother made a scene in front of the waiter which gave him a little chuckle – luckily we had landed a waiter with a sense of humour.) Somehow my sister remained quiet when they offered bottled or sparkling water. Years of asking for tap water meant it was even a struggle for me to keep my mouth shut. But tonight was a special occasion and so we got one of each.

Menus were placed in front of our hungry eyes.

There were two options: the first, being their three course summer menu and the second being the (get-ready-for-it) 6 course Summer menu. Double the length for only R100 rand more – we were ready to eat! There was even an extremely special gluten free menu for me – which almost had me at tears because of how much I intensely dislike (as my mum insists I can never *hate) that look I get when asking for gluten free options (does anyone out there relate?)

The menu, being seasonal, changes regularly.

The meal started with bread and goats milk butter (they even had GF bread for myself!) My mum and I exchanged glances as our mutual intense dislike for ‘goats milk anything‘ gave us the heeby geebies. To our surprise, we both didn’t mind it and of course, the other 3 co-eaters were upset as it meant less for them. As the courses arrived, one after the other, my stomach got fuller and fuller until eventually it got to that point where it feels nice in the mouth but not so nice in the tummy – I was glad I followed my number 1 dress code rule for a big meal:

wear pants to a large meal.

You never know if you’ll get a discrete enough table to unbutton your fly without anyone noticing.

The courses included things like tomato essence, ajo blanco, semi-dried grapes (half way there raisin?), fermented cabbage, umami jelly and even a piece of calamari that looked like it was going to loco-mote itself off my plate via jet propulsion at any moment. “A cephalopod such as a squid or octopus will fill its muscular mantle cavity (which is used to get oxygenated-water to their gills) with water and then quickly expel the water out of the siphon.” Interesting, isn’t it?

My favourite course had to be number 5 – a passionfruit dessert. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that we have a granadilla plant (or rather, monster) that my dad believes has come from the play entitled “FEED ME.” The musical is actually called Little Shop of Horrors but I think because the plant says “FEED ME” so many times… that’s all everyone gathered.

The plot revolves around a plant that never stops growing and eventually swallows humans whole. Similarly, our granadilla bush has taken over our entire garden – including the washing line and the neighbours bush. (The neighbour is quite a sour lady and instead of being grateful for free granadillas – a pack of 6 can cost up to R40! – she instead, chopped the bush, and threw it back over to our place.


The dessert was absolutely divine as somehow they got the balance of sour, sweet and creamy all on one plate perfectly.

The part of the evening that made this night extremely memorable was when my sister paid for the whole extravaganza herself. 24, a qualified doctor, a food addict and stranded soul in the outskirts of Potchefstroom – Michaela Joan, we await your food blog and Instagram.

To all my readers, I hope you enjoyed this post and that someday you all can experience a magical meal at La Mouette.


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