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The average American sits for 13 hours each and every day….

According to obesity researcher James Levine, “chairs are lethal.” He found that prolonged periods of sitting “slow down your metabolism and promote fat accumulation.” By standing up, even for short stints, you’ll instantly decrease your risk of obesity and heath problems. This way you can remain productive and in shape!

I was approached by DeskStand to try out their beautiful JUMBO DeskStand and Anti-Fatigue Matt.

Standing while you work may sound easier than it actually is. At least for me it did! I did the two-week standing challenge and the first few days were actually very challenging. I was constantly tempted to sit – especially because I had my comfy chair right next to me where I was standing. However, as time went by, I found it easier and easier to stand for longer periods of time.

Eventually, I forgot I was standing just as I would forget I were sitting. In order to avoid leg fatigue, I used my anti-fatigue matt to cushion my feet, legs and joints. You can stand on the matt with shoes, but I much prefer being barefoot or wearing socks. The matt encourages movement of the feet which can help your body return to its natural alignment.

I decided to do some research of my own and found that studies had been done that proved sitting for too long is not only bad for your body, but it affects your memory! Standing during the day also leads to a better mood and higher productivity. Along with these amazing health benefits, standing all day means that you will sleep better too!


What I love about my DeskStand is that it is made out of 4 pieces of wood, can be set up in a matter of seconds and can be adjusted according to the height I would like for it to be at. It couldn’t be simpler! It’s also available in many different colours and by signing up to their newsletter you can snag yourself an extra 10% off!

For more information click here.

To shop the DeskStand click here.

To shop the Anti-Fatigue Matt click here.

Have you tried working at a standing desk? Let me know in the comments below!


Charlie xx


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